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Command Style Template Untitl31_zps81a10d47

Command Style Template

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Command Style Template Empty Command Style Template

Post by Xemnas on Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:27 pm

For your unique Command Style, utilize this template and fill it in accordingly.


Command Style Name:
Requirements: (How to enter this stage from a previous one.)
Alignment: (What element is this Command Style?)

Bonuses: (Limit of 2)

Final Attack: (Finishing Combo when used as the third and final stage.)

When adding two additional Command Styles from the appropriate list, merely list their names underneath your unique one. In this rp, it is unnecessary to order your Command Styles. You may enter one stage and into another as you see fit for the situation. You cannot enter the same stage twice.

See Command Styles for more details.
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I. Superior of the In-Between

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