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Command Styles

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Command Styles Empty Command Styles

Post by Xemnas on Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:23 pm

Command Styles are an advanced form of combat exclusive to trained Keyblade wielders. While not as powerful as Drive Forms, Command Styles have the ability to stack, allowing fluid transfer from one Command Style to the next before releasing a powerful final attack. This, in turn, makes Command Styles the most powerful technique in a Keyblade Master's arsenal.

To achieve a Command Style, one must have at least 750 exp. Furthermore, you must learn of the Command Styles from a Keyblade Wielder who has one. It is a technique that is taught rather than given, and must be trained in before it can be safely used.

Command Styles may be unique to their wielders, but are also alignment oriented. They can be elemental in nature, or feature raw physical power. It is not truly up to the Keyblade Wielder as to what their personal Command Style is, but they can learn about other, more generic ones.

Command Styles may only be entered upon meeting a certain requirement, and only go from one stage to the next upon a different requirement. However, the wielder's power increases from stage to stage, for a maximum of three stages before you are forced to utilize a final attack. Command Styles may only be used once in a battle, so it is recommended that you use it wisely. If you drop out at any stage for any reason, you cannot use Command Styles again.

Each keyblade wielder is limited to three Command Styles. A personal, unique one usable only by them, and two others. They may choose to set the stages however they wish, but each Command Style has its own signature final attack, so choose wisely.

The following list details available Command Styles for Keyblade Wielders to learn:

Command Styles:

Command Style Name: Firestorm
Requirement: Utilize Fire-elemental attacks to enter this stage.
Alignment: Fire

-Adds a Fire aura to the Keyblade, increasing its damage potential.
-Strengthens fire-based attacks.

Final Attack:
The finisher consists of the user jumping in the air, charging energy, and hurling a fireball that erupts into multiple pillars of flame.

Command Style Name: Diamond Dust
Requirement: Utilize Ice-Elemental attacks to enter this stage.
Alignment: Ice

-Attacks are faster in this state.
-Ice-based attacks are stronger.

Final Attack:
The finisher consists of the user summoning a surrounding ice formation that shatters after a certain time and damages enemies.

Command Style Name: Thunder Bolt
Requirement: Utilize lightning-elemental attacks to enter this stage.
Alignment: Lightning

-Lightning-based attacks are stronger.
-Your attacks have the ability to cast bolts of lightning, stunning and damaging the enemy.

Final Attack:
The finisher consists of the user summoning a ball of light over his or her Keyblade then thrusting his or her Keyblade into it, causing multiple lightning bolts to come out of the energy ball, and raining down on enemies.

Command Style Name: Cyclone
Requirement: Utilize wind-based attacks to enter this stage
Alignment: Wind

-Attacks are imbued with the power of the wind, making them faster and causing the wind to attack a second time after the blade has struck.
-Gain the ability to surround yourself in a wall of wind, slowing down and protecting yourself from attacks.

Final Attack:
The finisher consists of the user spinning around and hitting enemies, very much like a cyclone. While utilizing this ability, the wall of wind surrounding them negates most attacks.

Command Style Name: Dark Impulse
Requirement: Utilize the Darkness in your heart to enter this stage.
Alignment: Dark (Cannot be used by neutral or light)

-All attacks are strengthened in this form.
-Gain the ability to levitate passively when attacking, allowing for increased agility.
-Gain the ability to Morph and teleport across short distances.

Final Attack:
The finisher composes of the user sinking into the ground, homing onto a single enemy and quickly moving under that enemy, and then jumps out of the ground, materializing the hand again straight up into the air, dealing an immense amount of damage.

Command Style Name: Wingblade
Requirement: Utilize long chains of combos to enter this stage
Alignment: Light (Cannot be used by neutral or dark)

-Attacks are faster and harder to effectively block, the blades striking harder than before.
-You are encased in light and thus take less damage from magic-based attacks.

Final Attack:
The "Wingblade" Finish command consists of the user throwing the swords into the ground, creating a circular magic emblem made of light. The user then lands in the center of the swords as a brilliant shockwave of light damages all enemies in the area. It is a two-stage explosion.

Command Style Name: Blade Charge
Requirement: Utilize multiple elemental attacks in a powerful combo to enter this stage.
Alignment: Multi-elemental
Restrictions: Cannot be used next to Dark Impulse or Wingblade.

-The keyblade is encased in light, making its reach longer and making the blade sharper, able to fend off multiple enemies at once without fail. The blade cannot be broken, and weighs no more than it did before.

Final Attack:
The "Bladecharge" finish command consists of the user swinging their Keyblade above their head five times, then performing two jumping slashes, each creating a detonation of energy and dealing an immense amount of damage.

Command Style Name: Skyclimber
Requirement: Utilize fast and agile attacks to enter this stage.
Alignment: N/a

-Transforms the keyblade into a glider, allowing it to be used to ram down enemies and slice them.
-User becomes enveloped in a bright purple aura, speeding up your movement considerably

Final Attack:
The "Sky Climber" Finish command consists of the user mounting their Keyblade and hitting multiple enemies, before heading skyward, crashing back down, and finally, spinning in place, causing a small tornado. Each hit slices into the enemy, dealing plenty of damage.

See Command Styles Template for more details.
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