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Limit Breaks

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Limit Breaks Empty Limit Breaks

Post by Xemnas on Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:58 pm

Limit Breaks are powerful offensive techniques or combos displayed by Nobodies and Regulars. It involves releasing an immense amount of power to perform an attack normally impossible by themselves. It is a technique usable only when the user has taken a significant amount of damage, oddly enough.

A Limit Break has two stages, one more powerful than the other. A base Limit Break can be used in combat multiple times with a eight post recharge time in-between uses. The Final Limit Break, however, can only be used once in battle.

The base Limit Break lasts for four posts, and can only be activated after taking a significant amount of damage. The user enters a state of increased power, building up to a finishing blow. It is fairly basic, and the finishing blow marks the end of this transformation.

One's Final Limit Break is considerably more powerful, lasting for six posts, and activated only when one is nearing defeat. The user regains a portion of their health and stamina and enters a state of increased power, building up to a crushing, finishing blow. The finishing blow here is an upgraded form of its base comparison, and considerably more powerful.

To gain access to the Limit Break technique, one must be of at least 400 exp. They must be of 500 exp to access the Final Limit Break. They must furthermore learn of the Limit Break from one who wields such a technique. (A member of the Organization for Nobodies, or a skilled warrior for Regulars.)

See Limit Break Template for more details.
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