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Custom Nobody Empty Custom Nobody

Post by Xemnas on Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:46 pm

Nobodies are capable of creating and leading their own type of high-level Nobodies, or even several thereof if they're powerful enough. Though it requires them to have obtained a human form, (200 exp at minimum), and what they can summon and control varies according to their own power, the ability comes in great handy in combat situations.


To create your own Nobody, merely create a Bestiary Page and supplant your Nobody Character's name in where it says Controller. Then detail your Nobody accordingly. These customized Nobody units must be approved by an Admin before it may be used. It is advised to create a url link in the Nobody's profile labelled "Commands the [insert Nobody name here]" for easy access by anyone reading the character sheet. Also make sure to add a simple, extra tag to them.

Tier Level: [One, Two, or Three]

At first, you will have access only to a Tier One Nobody, but later on as you gain EXP, you'll have access to Tier Two and Tier Three (Low-level Boss) Nobodies.

Summoning and Controlling:

The power level of these summoned Nobodies is always constant, and their fighting styles are specialized, precise. They're also not as smart as their human-form summoner, and not nearly as strong. Bearing this all in mind, they make excellent support if used correctly. Furthermore, the custom Nobody must carry a similar theme to their master.

In combat or passively, a Nobody can create Dark Portals to transport their custom Nobodies to their current location, or a location nearby and give them an appropriate assignment. The amount that they can summon at once is limited by their power (exp). As well, they must wait ten posts before being able to summon more, whether in combat or before/after.

At 200 EXP, you are able to summon two of your first tier Nobodies in-combat. This changes for each subsequent 100 EXP, allowing greater numbers and variations.

EXP - (Command Points) Tier Limits; Tier Limits
200 - (2) 2 T1's
300 - (3) 3 T1's; 1 T2
400 - (4) 4 T1's; 2 T2's
500 - (6) 6 T1's; 3 T2's; 1 T3
600 - (8) 8 T1's; 4 T2's; 1 T3
700 - (10) 10 T1's; 5 T2's; 1 T3

You are given a command point limit. Each tier of Nobody takes up a number of command points to summon. This is rather easy. Tier 1 Nobodies take up One command point. Tier 2 Nobodies take up Two. Tier 3 Nobodies take up Five, and only one can be summoned at any point in-combat. They furthermore cannot be re-summoned once defeated.

Nobody Tiers:

Nobodies, in this case, come in three different Tiers. The first tier is the weakest, but most numerous, while the third Tier is similar to a low-level boss. Here's the breakdown of what they can have:

Tier One Nobody
Abilities & Spells: 3
--(All level 1 or Basic)
Power Level: 80 EXP

Tier Two Nobody
Abilities & Spells: 4
--(3 basic/level 1's; 1 Advanced/level 2)
Power Level: 150 EXP

Tier Three Nobody
Abilities & Spells: 6
--(4 Basic/Level 1's; 2 Advanced/Level 2's)
Power Level: 300 EXP

All abilities can be customized, and passive abilities, such as telepathic communication to masters, morphing, or so on, do count towards these provided slots.
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