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Shotlocks  Empty Shotlocks

Post by Teldranis on Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:02 pm

Shotlock's are abilities where a keyblade user temporarily shifts his entire focus to his magical abilities. After focusing their power for a few seconds, the user can create a massive barrage of magical blasts in some shape or form. Whilst it leaves one vulnerable, the user can then create further blasts by continuing to maintain shotlock, though it takes a couple seconds to fire off additional blasts afterwards, and these barrages are much weaker than the initial attack.

Shotlock's are unique to the individual user, and exclusive to keyblade users. Any character may have up to two different shotlock's, but may only use one type of shotlock in a single battle. Shotlock's take a full post to charge, and have a nine post cooldown. They are noticably more effective against multiple enemies, but are still quite potent against single enemies.

Shotlocks are available to Keyblade Wielders of 200 exp, and can be learned like any other technique.
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