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Warrior of Light (NPC) Untitl31_zps81a10d47

Warrior of Light (NPC)

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Warrior of Light (NPC) Empty Warrior of Light (NPC)

Post by Warrior of Light on Thu May 08, 2014 11:27 pm

Name: Unknown
Nickname: Warrior of Light
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Regular)
Position: Vagabound

Master Swordsman: This warrior is a trained fighter, deadly with the sword and shield, a paragon of strength and protection, but lacks any form of true, simple magic for it.

Crystal Light: The Warrior of Light has imbued the power of light into his blade, allowing him a measure of enhanced attacks. This allows him to compensate for the lack of true magical ability.

Note: This NPC is eligible for a Dimension-Link.

"Crystalis Lux" Sword
Ruby Shield

Warrior of Light (NPC) WarriorofLight2_zps0d61bb4b
Warrior of Light (NPC) Warrior_of_light_final_fantasy_1_original_by_mcashe-d6aolg0
*Art by MCAshe*
DA Link

Stalwart, serious, loyal to the last, this unnamed Warrior is deeprooted in one single tradition, one belief. Defending the Light. To that end, he has sacrificed his name, his past, his ambitions, all for the sake of donning the title of "Warrior of Light." He will zealously fight the Darkness wherever it may be, and protect those within the Realm of Light passionately.

Combat Strengths:

Swordsmanship (5)
Physical Strength (4)
Endurance/Durability (4)
Agility (2)

Combat Weaknesses:

Magical Talent (4)
Reckless (3) (While he might act wise, he's still quite young, and thus can make a number of mistakes.)
Overzealous (3) (A prejudiced approach to dark-affiliated beings can often lead to rash decisions and an overreactions.)
Weakness to Dark (2) (Despite being a Warrior of Light, as he calls himself, he's more succeptible to dark-aligned magic because of his light-focus and lack of magical talent.)

Original World: Unknown
Current World: None

The Warrior of Light is a traditional title handed down to the highly gifted of this one's world. Those who are granted this title are to seek out the Darkness, and destroy it. They are also to wander the worlds and protect the Light at all costs, even if it means their own death. They are to do so gladly, without hesitation or regret. It is a deep-rooted tradition with no exceptions permitted in its goals.

Sacrificing his past life, this man has become the next Warrior of Light, a nameless wanderer seeking only to protect the Realm of Light from its many foes. He will not speak of his past often, nor seem to be quite that open, but he will be loyal even to total strangers, kind and humble as well.
Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light
Regulars Administrator
Regulars Administrator

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Name: Warrior of Light
Race: Regular
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