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Dae Hwan the Angel of Death Untitl31_zps81a10d47

Dae Hwan the Angel of Death

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Dae Hwan the Angel of Death Empty Dae Hwan the Angel of Death

Post by BladeCloudXXX on Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:52 pm

Name: Dae Hwan

Nickname: Angel of Death

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Nobody

Position: Evil Rogue

Ittoryu (One Sword Style) - Dae Hwan's sword style using one sword.

Nitoryu (Two Sword Style) - Dae Hwan's sword style using two swords.

Enhanced Strength - Must stronger than most.  Is able to easily lift up to 500 lbs with ease.  Can lift up to 750 lbs, but with increasing difficulty.

Enhanced Speed - Much faster than most.  His speed is a dangerous weapon as it can often be difficult to see him.

Enhanced Agility - Very flexible and able to dodge attacks using movements that are unnatural to the body.  Is able to even movement in tight spaces or close up.

Immense Durability - Can take severe punishment that could kill most and keep on fighting.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Can easily handle multiple opponents with hand-to-hand combat.  Has achieved master level and continues to become better.  

Master Swordsman - A skill more dangerous than his hand-to-hand, his swordsmanship is unrivaled.  He has developed a style using three swords.  His use of swords is like an extension of his own body and comes natural to him.  

Overwhelming Willpower/Spirit: Dae Hwan's will is probably his greatest power.  It keeps him going and helps him to stay strong even when the situation is beyond hopeful. He could be rendered unconscious, but his will is so powerful that it will take over and he can continue fighting.  Due to his willful personality, people are often drawn to him either negatively or positively.  It is due to this will that he can continue fighting even when the odds are completely against him.  Hidden deep within him is a killing intent produced by his will.  It can been seen via the serious, dangerous look that he gives off with his eyes.  He does not tolerate not tolerate being looked down upon.  Nor does he tolerate anyone going against the fighting code and fighting unfairly.  

Tsuin Shi ga Motarasu (Twin Death Bringers) - Two larger than normal katanas, Tsuin Shi ga Motarasu has a blade length of 30 inches and a hilt length of 6 inches.  It has great durability and shredding power.  It can be combined at the hilt for a double sided sword.  The swords share a special ability.  This weapon increases Dae Hwan's attacks per second over the course of the fight.  Starting off at x1.0, it increases till it reaches x1.5.
Dae Hwan the Angel of Death Dark_Katana_by_kalez

Dae Hwan the Angel of Death 75116
Dae Hwan is often seen wearing an open ankle-length coat with the sleeves ripped off.  There is no shirt underneath so all that is seen is his bare chest.  He also wears black jeans with black combat boots.  He has long black hair and his eyes are black as night.  His demeanor and appearance has helped to adorn him as a dark being or Angel of Death.

Dae Hwan is a ruthless, indifferent, cold being who has a very bleak outlook on things.  He has an overpowering hatred and often does not get along with others because of it.  He follows the Way of the Sword, but many would say that he follows the Way of the Demon as well.  Despite his harsh demeanor, Dae Hwan is an honorable person on the battlefield.  He follows the warriors code and will not fight an unfair fight.  However, as he falls more and more into the darkness, he begins to lose his way and becomes more of the demon that he is.

Combat Strengths:
Hand-to-hand (3)
Speed (3)
Strength (3)
Swordsmanship (5)
Durability (5) (+2)
Willpower/Spirit (5)
Stamina (0) (+1)

Combat Weaknesses:
Recklessness (3) - Will often jump into situations that are unfavorable to himself and push things farther than needed simply cause of his own ideals getting in the way of his thinking
Irrational (3) - Allows his own ideals to steer his thinking and because of that he will often go against others and their ideas should they conflict his own
Uncooperative (3) - Prefers to fight alone because he wishes to use his own power and not the power of others to win.
Inept Long-Range Combatant (5) - Due to his focus on hand-to-hand and swordsmanship, has no skill in long range and therefore is left vulnerable
Lack of Defense (3) - Has no real defensive techniques such as shields and barriers.  Because of this he relies heavily on his durability and healing factors.
Holds Back (3) - Does not fight fully from the beginning.  Often toys with his opponent to see their own skill.  
Curiosity (3) - Often allows his opponents to reach their full power to test his own skill and to see just how strong they are
Honor (3) - Dislikes fair fights and will not fight an opponent who he has an advantage over.  

Original World: Realm of Darkness

Current World: The World That Never Was

Not much is known about Dae Hwan's history.  He was born in the realm of darkness as a Nobody.  When born, he traversed the many worlds learning about all the different creatures and honing his own skills.  It was due to his ruthlessness but honorable ways that he was dubbed an Angel of Death.  Despite all that he had learned, Dae Hwan still did not know who he himself was or what he was.  It was when he went to The World That Never Was that he learned he was a Nobody.  He still does not know who he was created from.

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Dae Hwan the Angel of Death Empty Re: Dae Hwan the Angel of Death

Post by Teldranis on Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:27 am

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