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Tech Break

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Tech Break Empty Tech Break

Post by Teldranis on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:35 am

Tech break:
An “Ability” that regulars use, the technological minds of the likes of Cid and Chip n' Dale, put their heads together in order to make useful tools and gadgetry to help ordinary folk fight the heartless. As a result, they have opened their doors to anyone looking for fighting weapons, and not only create powerful augments for the warriors of the worlds, but do so using input from the warrior in question, ensuring the weapon fits the user's fighting style perfectly.

To Gain a tech break, a warrior must first visit a workshop such as Cid's, or Chip n' dales, and ask for such a weapon after gaining 100 exp – less notorious warriors aren't yet worth the immense time and resources to create one of these weapons. From there, one must submit their personal tech break using the template – each one should be unique, and if you wish to use someone else's tech break, it is only allowable with permission.

Tech breaks only last for one post, and cause a large and noticeable effect - it can be a large hail of energy blasts, a healing ability, a shield of some sort, or something else entirely

For the template, go here.
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