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Unversed: Spiderchest Untitl31_zps81a10d47

Unversed: Spiderchest

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Unversed: Spiderchest Empty Unversed: Spiderchest

Post by Vanitas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:09 pm

Name: Spiderchest
Species: Unversed
Residing World: Olympus Coliseum/Neverland/Dwarf Woodlands
Unversed: Spiderchest 200px-Spiderchest_KHBBS

Weapons (If Applicable):


  • Poison Spit: Spits poisonous bubbles that, upon landing on the ground, creates poison pools.
  • Burrow: Burrows into the ground, attacking players from below.
  • Swallow: Chomps at the player and spits them back out, may cause poison status.

A Spiderchest's body, true to its name, resembles a red treasure chest with black highlights and a black lock. It has yellow "teeth" lining the lid of the chest and three white, zig-zagging, bladed legs. The Unversed's spherical, black head is protected inside the chest. Its red eyes are set in a happy expression and the Unversed symbol adorns the top of the chest's lid. It is able to near-perfectly disguise itself as a large treasure chest

Unversed: Spiderchest Vanitas_bbs_signature_by_dic3rz-d3j80oy
Progenitor of the Unversed
Progenitor of the Unversed

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