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Nol Kargem

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Nol Kargem Empty Nol Kargem

Post by Nol on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:59 am

Name: Nol Kargem

Nickname: Mr. Kargem

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Regular

Position: School Teacher

Arekuruu Kuma (Raging Bear): A type of bare handed fighting style encompassing grapples and take downs.

Enhanced Strength: Thanks to is previous training as a young adult he has gained strength thats higher than a normal humans, being able to lift very heavy items and the like with no trouble.

Educated: Having been threw collage and high school you can say he's very well educated in most fields, of course his degree in biology is nothing to sweep under the rug neither.

Weapon/Items: None

Nol Kargem Large

Personality: Mr. Kargem, as his students normally address him by, is a very understanding and giving person, his profession nearly requires that he has this type of personality as teaching high school students can take some work to get used to each students personality. But he shows his worth with a bright sunny smile to anyone he meets and accompanying that with a simple greeting. He if not judgmental and likes to be social with others, even his students if it would give him a few laughs, with a caring out look that boarders on fatherly he dose his best to teach those around him.

Combat Strengths:

  • Strength: 4 (+1)
  • Stamina: 0 (+1)
  • Endurance: 0 (+1)
  • Unarmed Combat: (3) (+1)
  • Speed: (4)

Combat Weaknesses:

  • Magicka: (3)
  • Swordsmanship: (4)
  • Long Range: (4)

Original World: Twilight Town
Current World: Twilight Town

History: Growing up in twilight town he seemed to take up a normal life as most did as children, playing everyday, remembering the time when his friends played a prank on him that ruined his favorite shirt, things like that. His life all around normal, as he went threw high school he also made tons of friends and people he enjoyed being around however he bean to see things outside of the norm.

Shadow like things at night while simply going home from the dojo he practiced in, things at the corner of his eye when heading to lunch. Those small things that nearly no one saw, at least he though they were some what real, ignoring them for part of his life as there was nothing worse than obsessing over small details like those he moved onto collage.

His aim was to study to become a teacher, his father really didn't mind his life choice as he worked in a factory and his mother encouraged him to do so as she was a teacher for pre-schoolers. He also minored in biology as well, he enjoyed learning about the body and most importantly just how people worked and so he worked hard in his studies.

However the images kept coming up, ore and more frequently till one day only a year ago he saw one  in full form, it seemed to be a black blob with a human-like shape. At first it freaked him out but soon after it seemed to run away from someone going after it, they varnished from sight in a few seconds later. He had no idea that it was a heartless but he learned a bit later.

Now he simply teaches classes at the Twilight Town high school, serving as a fun teacher to those that want to learn a thing or two.

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Post by Xemnas on Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:15 am

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