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Vanitas: The Masked Boy Untitl31_zps81a10d47

Vanitas: The Masked Boy

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Vanitas: The Masked Boy Empty Vanitas: The Masked Boy

Post by Vanitas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:53 pm

Name: Vanitas

Nickname: The Masked Boy

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Unversed

Position: Xenahort's Apprentice


Quick Feet: Using Vanitas' speed he can easily maneuver around the battlefield.

Enhanced Durability: He can withstand a couple of attacks without having to guard or counter before becoming physically exhausted from the attacks.

Enhanced Strength: He has shown the ability to attack fiercely and quickly to put a long-range combatant go on the defensive.

Swordsmanship: Using the keyblade, or any bladed weapon is easy for Vanitas, this only improves his inherited ability to wield a keyblade.

Direct Link to Xehanort: While Vanitas acts based on his own desires, it appears that Master Xehanort can summon him at will.

Unversed Underlings: Vanitas's arguably most dangerous and destructive ability, however, is the power to create and control the Unversed. As he was born from the purest form of darkness, Vanitas can manipulate negative emotions and spawn them as Unversed. Vanitas can also absorb the negativity of any defeated Unversed, able to summon them if needed. The destruction of each Unversed, he summons actually causes Vanitas physical pain. (Can only summon two Flood.)

Keyblade Name: 
Void Gear

Vanitas: The Masked Boy 480px-Void_Gear_%28Vanitas%29_KHBBS
Vanitas came into possession of this keyblade from his Master, he's able to wield it since he is the pure darkness pulled from Ventus.

Previous Wielder:

Its Keychain is comprised of three small, copper gears and ends in a charm resembling two halves of a gear arranged in an S-shape

Increased Strength
Lower Magicka Power

Vanitas: The Masked Boy KingdomHearts-BirthbySleepfull818191_zps631c8910
In truth he looks much like Sora, but paler, his golden coloured eyes, black hair, and his more muscular build are the main differences from Sora.

Physical Strength (5)
Intelligence (4)
Durability (4)
Speed (3)

Temper (5)
Magical Talent (2)
Teamwork (3)
Stubbornness (3)

Vanitas is the complete opposite of Sora, he doesn't talk much and lets action talk for him. He thinks battles out while fighting to prepare for any changes in the opponent's fighting style.

Original World: 
The Keyblade Graveyard

Current World:
Traverse Town

The creation of Master Xenahort to become his apprentice. He doesn't remember or know anything past what he has learned from Xenahort himself about the keyblade wars, Kingdom Hearts, and the χ-blade.

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Progenitor of the Unversed
Progenitor of the Unversed

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Name: Vanitas
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Vanitas: The Masked Boy Empty Re: Vanitas: The Masked Boy

Post by Roxas on Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:36 pm

*Stamps With Approval Stamp*

Vanitas: The Masked Boy Axel_x10

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XIII. The Key of Destiny

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