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Abraham Leonard WIP Untitl31_zps81a10d47

Abraham Leonard WIP

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Abraham Leonard WIP Empty Abraham Leonard WIP

Post by Abraham Leonard on Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:59 am

Name: Abraham Leonard

Nickname: Honest Executioner

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Position: Freelance currently



  • Collapsible Quarter Staff that is 6.5 feet long and weighs 6 pounds, the weight dominantly at the ends of the staff. It is made out of iron with a steel core.

  • Dagger of Honest Executions: A dagger with a serpentine-like cross-guard, round hilt and rounded off pommel and a stygian steel dagger tooth blade. On the side of it the word "Abe" is engraved, filled with a gold alloy.

Abraham Leonard WIP 4758-431902683

Personality: Abraham is a man of bitterness and loyalty. He is not above killing but will remain loyal to whom he is aligned if he is aligned with them. Although he will be sarcastic when he jokes, he will always have that view of the world that is negative. He is malleable, able to have his alignment changed through experience but not so quickly. It takes time for him to change alignment and it takes great and constant persuasion. His loyalty may fade but only through a great amount of time. He is a honest person but will lie when he needs to.

Combat Strengths: Magically Adept [5]
Agile [3]
Slightly Quicker [1]
Slightly Better Reflexes [1]
Combat Weaknesses:Lower Stamina [4]
Arrogant [2]
Lack of Patience [1]
Antisocial [2]
Lower defense [1]

Original World: Christmas Town
Current World: Halloween Town

History: Abraham Leonard, a boy born into a family of inventors and leadership, had it all torn away. Born in Christmas Town, his family fell apart with each year he lived. Constantly, sanity was at a loss for family members or accidents killed them off. By the time he was 9, he was left alone, resting next to the tree to Halloween Town. A man approached him, wielding a strange weapon of darkness. Stabbing it into the ground, the man spoke briefly to Abraham, the crying boy. After explaining what his weapon was, a Keyblade of Darkness with a wicked design, he offered the boy something. He would train the boy and make him his successor, marking him. After the two formed a bond, the darkness made a short surge throughout his body. In the coming years, he was banished from Christmas Town, taking home in Halloween Town and becoming much more bitter.

Abraham Leonard
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